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TEARS OF GOD by Hari Ram ~ Tears are perhaps the clearest evidence of a Divine Presence in our lives. No doubt the objective scientific mind will draw conclusions based upon brain function, the limbic system, tear ducts, etc. And all of these hypotheses are valid, to a point. Yet
THE STRUCTURE OF THINGS by Hari Ram (Part 2) In many ways the commitment we made that day, to be stewards of the Sound Temple of San Marcos, was the single greatest decision of my life! ~ and which continues to reveal new insights & revelations, to this day. Sat
THE STRUCTURE OF THINGS by Hari Ram (Part 1) I have been fascinated with classical/medieval architecture since a very young age… the beauty and attention to detail, elegance and obvious reverence for God. True creativity in my view comes from one source: GOD. The access point is our heart, and
The other day we were reminded of what a first soundbath experience can be like. We recently had three young adults visit the temple, each from a different country…  two males and one female. All three solo travellers that happened to meet along the way — and have since been
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