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Dear Friend,

If you’ve found this page, then we have either met in person or someone in your circle referred us to you.

Either way – you are here because you know what we do and what we can make possible for you.

And because we have been in touch directly or indirectly, as this page is for “family & friends” only, we are giving you preference over other external applicants, should you accept this offer:

Do you want us to help you find your ideal soulmate without using another matchmaking site?

We’ve put aside some time for you, to chat in person how we can help you find your ideal soulmate.

During this Breakthrough Call we will work together with you, to identify obstacles and develop a plan – which you can use to finally attract your ideal soulmate, without needing to join another matchmaking site!

Note: This is not for everyone!
You must be willing to take radical action in your life…
You must be consciously engaged with your spiritual path…
You must believe in true love and be clear about your mission…
You are heart-centered and value integrity above all else…
You must keep an open mind and be willing to learn new things…

If you recognize yourself in this, then click the button now!

We are looking forward to talking to you in person soon!

Hari Ram & Sat Kirtin

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