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To your FREE Kundalini Yoga Class!

Dress comfortably, find a quiet space, and prepare to be elevated, rejuvenated, and restored. Simply press play and follow along with the video below. This is a yoga set that you can practice daily for a complete mind & body tune-up; and connect to the essence of your Soul through all of your ten bodies!



How connected do you feel with your personal practice? 

Are you struggling in some ways to align with your unique essence, and your purpose in life?

Do you have yet to step into your highest calling, thus feeling like an imposter of sorts? 

Is something missing in your life?

Each one of us has a unique Soul Blueprint — and it is our own responsibility to acquaint ourselves with this Divine Presence, in order to bring out the magic of our own light… for our community and the world! 

No one on this planet possesses the talents, perspectives and unique vibration that only you have. God/Source/Great Spirit gave you these specific attributes, to be shared with others… to help you fulfil your destiny. 

Here at the School of NAAD we believe that a spiritual name can serve you, in realizing your highest destiny and to create the life of your dreams. Having a spiritual name is a sacred code, which properly applied can open many doors. 

“Follow your bliss and doors will open, where there were none before.”

—Joseph Campbell

To learn more about how you can receive your own spiritual name mantra & personalized yoga practice, simply click the button below.

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