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by Hari Ram

(Part 1)
I have been fascinated with classical/medieval architecture since a very young age… the beauty and attention to detail, elegance and obvious reverence for God. True creativity in my view comes from one source: GOD.

The access point is our heart, and not the rational mind! If God guides and protects us through the heart-centre or ‘tiny heart’, then the ‘Dark Lord’ seeks control by poisoning and ultimately destroying the collective mind.

Without a doubt most if not all of the greatest  architectural achievements were places of worship, magnificent structures all designed to honour and praise the most High GOD. Of course each culture, every civilisation celebrated the Holy Spirit in their own unique way. And all of the grand cathedrals were designed to amplify the voices of the choir and parishioners alike! Yes the master architect knew well that acoustics were a vital aspect.

Light and Sound… I reflect upon the stunning stained glass windows filtering sunlight into the structure… combined with exquisite acoustics one can feel transported the moment they enter! And those high vaulted ceilings often painted with the most inspired heavenly scenes! A place of worship then is providing solace and inspiration for all to behold.

And so it happened… back in July of 2021, residing here  in San Marcos Guatemala, on the magnificent Lago Atitlan… Sat Kirtin & I were relatively happy with our home & practice. We were presenting most of our classes & ceremonies inside a lovely yoga space at a nearby Hotel. Like most of the designated yoga centres here at the Lake, it is ‘open air’ — no walls! With a palapa roof for protection from the elements.

I was at the time feeling a growing frustration, that we did not have a proper space to present Soundbaths for the community, with our crystal singing bowls and other assorted instruments. I was desiring an enclosed space — like a dome — where our Sound tools could resonate fully, providing the kind of sound journey that I had experienced previously, in other parts of the world.

I started making some inquiries and then it happened… three days after voicing our intention to find the perfect location, Sat Kirtin noticed a posting on a local social media group page: the owner of a geodesic dome (or ‘zome’ to be more precise) placed an ad which stated: “what would you do if you had a dome?” — accompanied by two photographs: one interior view & one exterior.


We were immediately intrigued! While at the same time wary of the vast number of responses already posted in the ‘comments’ to her post. You see, San Marcos has over the last decade become a mecca for Sound Healing. We soon realised that we needed to go meet the owner & see this uniquely beautiful structure… a dome! Answer to our prayers?

Up until that moment we were unaware that this property & building existed, though erected three years previously. The previous tenant was not using the zome for public ceremonies. In our case this was the overwhelming reason to commit!

We were still locked into a one-year lease on our house, yet we both knew this was an unique opportunity… and on the very next day we were signing the rental contract! Yes we knew it was a gamble, yet one worth taking. On our first day taking hold of the property, we already had a name for the sacred structure: SOUND TEMPLE OF SAN MARCOS.

(to be continued…)

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