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I’m writing a testimonial of my wonderful experience with the beautiful Sat Kirtin Kaur and Hari Ram Kirtan.

Due to Sat Kirtan and Hari Ram’s influence over the past 6-7 months I have made tremendous shifts in my love life.

I was in a terrible traumatic relationship with my ex-partner and also with myself at the time I started working with them.

With their help, I managed to reconnect with myself and carry this energy forward to leave the relationship I was in and after a week or so I arrived to some sense of equilibrium.

Without very many breaths in-between, a couple of weeks later I found a post from a woman in one of the groups I’m in and it struck my heart with the gold of her soul.

This beautiful being who had struck my heart so firmly, quickly became a very close and intimate friend, and we shared many beautiful ceremonies together online by video. Though she lives 5000 mile away, distance did not deterred us and our relationship grew stronger by the moment. Binding our intentions and setting out to achieve not only to embody our connection but to expand this connection in service with a shared altruistic vision to assist in humanity’s awakening process (Divine Union no less!)

Though ultimately the relationship did not last, to me the connection we shared has been emphatically influential on my mindset and this has invited me to keep the faith and ‘up’ my vibrational frequency with love and humour. Which in turn has proved to me that I am capable of attracting much more aligned soulmates and renewed my faith that my ideal soulmate is well on her way.

Please do connect with Sat Kirtin Kaur and Hari Ram Singh.


~ Craig Whitewood

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