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“A big part of signing up for this course [Soul to Soulmate] was acknowledging that I was looking for a partner. Despite having doubts, despite judging myself, I was finally able to allow myself to accept that I really wanted a partner.

I felt a deep calling to join this program and though I resisted it at first, I could not ignore this feeling in my heart—it was beyond logic. Also because of the emphasis on Kundalini Yoga, I felt great resonance with the School of NAAD. And I appreciate that you are offering an alternative to online dating!

One golden nugget was when you said to me (in my interview) that “if you have a desire for a soulmate this probably means that there is somebody waiting for you!” For a long time, since I was 12, I have been desiring to have a partner.

I think the universe likes exchange—the universe likes to be met halfway. When I signed up for the course It was my way of acknowledging to the Universe that this was something I truly wanted. It was like a space opened within myself. It was something I always wanted but I didn’t admit to.

The program provided the support I needed in gaining clarity on my purpose and my calling. It helped me in fine-tuning what I truly wanted in a relationship.

Then having met my soulmate, shortly after committing to the program, it was almost surreal to discover that we were both looking for someone with very similar ideals; in terms of working for social justice and political activism.

Although we are at the very beginning of this shared journey, we are already learning from each other and serving one another on this path, as well as spiritually in our individual practice.

I love you both, much love!”


~ Deg Kirtan Singh

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