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In the 6-years that I have been working with Hari Ram my trust in his teaching has not wavered.

By his instruction, I became a student of Kundalini yoga, learned about the presence and benefits of Naad, mantra and sound healing, on all levels, and went through the shamanic journey to face my shadows and dive deeply into my inner being and connect with my tiny heart. Working with Hari Ram my health improved on all levels… physically, I ate healthy and delicious meals, exercised outdoors daily, and found I lost weight without focusing on it.

Emotionally, I was broken open and came face to face with my shadows, using methods like psychodrama, trance dance, journaling, soul retrieval, and best of all, LAUGHTER, which is the best medicine on a daily basis!

Hari Ram held space and guided me through passages from “death” to “rebirth” and freedom. I was challenged to be more than I thought I ever could be, and I learned that even a temper tantrum is rooted in “tantra”, and was beneficial to letting go of pain to reach a state of bliss and awareness.

I was accepted and loved for my true nature, yet held accountable for my “stuff” without being pampered or enabled.

I am so happy that he has met and is co-creating with his soulmate, Sat Kirtin. In getting to know her, and watching them move as a force of nature, I see that they complement each other in divine perfection, and create a beautiful synchronization in sound healing. By supporting each other in daily sadhana and healthy lifestyle practices, Sat Kirtin and Hari Ram are excellent teachers for anyone who wishes to begin or further their journey of the soul.


~ Hari Raj Kaur

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